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Terrified of seeing a dentist? Neu Premium Dentistry in Senayan offers tooth fillings, implants and even root canals that are fast, painless and trauma-free, as Drg Andri Suwardi explained to Jeanette Tamara

When Drg Andri Suwardi founded neu Premium Dentistry last year, the goal was to create a clinic that was far from the terrifying image usually associated with dental surgeries. “Many people believe that a visit to the dentist is scary,” says Drg Andri. “We want to change that image. The patients should be comfortable and relaxed here. We want to provide patients with an enjoyable experience.”

Located in Senayan, the clinic features a waiting room complete with cable TV, music, Wi-fi and even wine to make the waiting time more comfortable. The dental chairs are equipped with a massage function and cable TV to keep patients relaxed during treatment. A special relaxation room where patients can enjoy classical music, golf course view and exotic aromatherapy is also provided for the patients to calm their nerves.

Drg Andri, who graduated from university of Prof Dr Moestopo with a degree in dentistry and went on to Germany for further studies, says that as the awareness of the importance of dental health grows, so does the demand for premium dentistry.“

The demand has changed,” he points out. “Patients are no longer satisfied with mere problem solving. They expect dentists to do whatever they can to keep the tooth in question, to fix it and to do that as painlessly as possible.”

Based on that concept, he created neu Premium Dentistry. Drg Andri’s vision for the clinic is to provide the patients with the best treatments available worldwide. “We want to give them the best in terms of facility, comfort and results,” he says. “Most of our equipment is from Germany. it is the world’s best in terms of design, effectiveness and long-term usage.

The clinic does highly advanced 3D X-rays and is the first dental clinic in Indonesia to be equipped with a state-of-the-art Vacuklav machine for sterilizing dental tools. “The technology costs a lot,” says Drg Andri. “However, the results are worth the cost. These technologies help reduce pain and increase precision. When I cut a patient’s gum with a laser technology, he or she won’t feel a thing.”

One of the technologies used at the clinic is the Cerec CAD-CAM, an advance tooth or teeth reconstruction technology that enables the making of a very accurate and realistic bridge or crown in a short time. “The difference in the end result is evident,” he says

While these technologies help make the treatment process less painful, Drg Andri says that, in the end, the level of pain that the patient experiences depends on the dentist’s skill. “Tools and equipment can only help to a certain degree. “In the end, it depends on the dentist,” he says.

Aside from Drg Andri, there are five more dentists at the clinic: Drg Andrianto Adimarza, Drg irwin Lesmono, Drg Jacky Suwardi, Drg Liliana Budiman and Drg Susan Huang. Drg Andri refuses to wear a white coat. “I hate that coat,” he explains. “It is too closely associated with pain. It makes patients nervous.”

neu Premium Dentistry also employs minimal trauma dental techniques. “What we mean by minimal trauma is the level of damage a treatment causes,” says Drg Andri. “For example, a surgery used to need big opening. Now, a small opening is enough. A dental implant used to leave patients with a swollen cheek and pain after treatment, but not anymore. They no longer have to take medicine afterwards too,” he says.

When pursuing his post-graduate studies in Germany, Drg Andri specialised in dental implants. “I had never thought of becoming a dentist,” he says. “But, encouraged by my parents, I tried taking a semester studying dentistry. I found that I liked it and that I was good at it.“

The most interesting part of being a dentist is the ability to fix something that looks bad. The usual treatment like filling a cavity is standard procedure. it is the art of turning an unsightly set of teeth into a fine-looking one that makes dentistry interesting.”

Drg Andri is currently teaching a dental implant programme at his alma mater. “Aspiring dentists should learn the art of dentistry. They shouldn’t settle with fine. They have to know how to achieve the best result. How to reduce the pain of treatment,” he says.

neu Premium Dentistry serves all of its patients by appointment. “We have a lot of patients who come in terrified,” says Drg Andri. “The goal is to ensure that they leave the clinic smiling, and come back for a second visit braver and more confident.



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