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The sound of traditional dental drill and the uncomfortable feeling that occurs when it touch the tooth or teeth is maybe on the top of list of why people afraid to go to the dentist. Traditional dental drills also may cause traumato the gums.

Other than that, the drilling process often left the patient sick and sore. Not to mention if the drill or other dental equipments are not hygienic, since the germs or viruses can be transmitted to other patients through the use of unsterilized dental tools.

For patients who want to avoid the uncomfortable situations that are mentioned above, neu premium dentistry, Senayan City, Jakarta - Indonesia, provide the use of laser dental treatments to replace the traditional dental drill.

Laser dental technology is the most up-to-date dental technology from German that makes painless dental treatments become possible.

Aside from that, laser therapy can also directly sterilize the gum and teeth. The use of laser dental technology enables a variety of painless and hygienic dental procedures to be performed with a very high precision and a with a faster recovery time compared with traditional ways.

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